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When you need a hand to drive change

The Nordic society is safe, well-educated and reliable, thereby building the foundation for success both on an individual and on an entrepreneurial level. However, many people fall beyond the scope of this welfare. Both individual and structural challenges stump the development of future potential and failure to obtain necessary guidance or resources at the right time may have far-fetching consequences. Apart from being an individual tragedy, this has negative implications for the prosperity of the society as a whole. CapMan for Good wants to actively drive change that helps individuals and society to reach their full potential.


Sometimes all that’s needed is a little push to help break a pattern. CapMan for Good wants to facilitate change. We see that well-being consists of individual actions that together form a path towards thriving individuals, businesses and societies. Our goal is to help build this path through tangible steps by connecting the right measures with the cause. In many cases a small push in the right direction makes a big difference.

Our vision is for individuals, enterprises and society to accomplish their goals regardless of the starting point, one step at a time.

The CapMan for Good foundation was established in 2019 by CapMan. The foundation is domiciled in Finland. CapMan for Good is a politically and commercially independent non-profit organisation.

The purpose of the foundation

The purpose of the CapMan for Good foundation is to support entrepreneurship, education and other activities in order to further the well-being of entities that are disadvantaged due to social, health or other conditions. Through its operations, the foundation promotes the prerequisites of a healthy society. The foundation operates in accordance with its purpose mainly in the Nordic countries but may also act globally.

Our activities

We meet our purpose by supporting causes and completing projects that improve the well-being of the recipient and society in a tangible manner. Examples of causes and projects can, for example, be the donation of educational materials to schools, mentoring of entrepreneurs with an immigrant background or organising work commutes for people with a disability. Or they may relate to something completely different that fosters entrepreneurship and where the effects of well-being go beyond a single individual.


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