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CapMan invests in the growth of Insplan Oy


Insplan, a nationwide infrastructure expert, has gained a significant partner in CapMan Growth.

Insplan’s aims to become the leading expert services provider in power, lighting and data networks within the next five years.

“We were in the great position of being able to choose from a variety of different partners. CapMan had experience in infrastructure services and we appreciated their approach to investing, which I refer to as a cross between partner and investor. Our objectives aligned perfectly and that is why we consider them the best possible partner for a growth company such as ours” says Toni Seppänen, Insplan Co-founder.

“We at CapMan Growth identified the potential of Insplan right away. Insplan has a great culture which will enable it to grow quickly into a leading service company with a more efficient service model and processes, as well as better utilisation of IT and automation. By focusing on planning services, Insplan can offer customers extremely competitive solutions. In order to expand into new areas of data networks, Insplan needed support and this was the perfect time for us to join them in their growth journey,” says Antti Kummu, Partner at CapMan Growth.

“Now we can fulfil our growth ambitions. We want to make Insplan an even more desired workplace and our growth opens up new career opportunities for our employees. Insplan is a pioneer in infra structure planning and now our future is even brighter”, describes Mika Seppänen, Insplan Co-founder and CEO.

Insplan is an infrastructure expert services company established in 2015. The company operates in the power grids, lighting networks and data networks sectors. Insplan operates in 13 locations nationwide and employs over 40 infrastructure experts.