On this page you will find information about CapMan’s Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, data protection as well as policies regarding disclosure and people.

Code of conduct

The purpose of this Code is to establish basic principles governing our decision-making and actions and the responsibilities of CapMan employees in business environment. The Code is a tool, which guides us beyond being compliant with laws and regulations: we also operate based on what we believe is ethically the right thing to do. More specific principles and practical guidelines are presented in the various corporate policies and procedures.

CapMan has also implemented a supplier code of conduct to establish basic principles and ethical standards of business behaviour that CapMan expects of companies and/or individuals which supply goods, materials or services to CapMan as well as personnel employed by or engaged to provide services to such suppliers.

Supplier code of conduct

The purpose of this guidance addressed to suppliers (Supplier Code) is to establish key principles and ethical guidelines for the conduct of business with companies within the CapMan Group, for companies providing products and services to the CapMan Group, as well as for the employees and service providers of these companies. The Supplier Code is based on CapMan’s Code of Conduct and reflects the essential principles pertaining to suppliers. The guidance does not specify detailed rules covering all situations.

Codes of conduct

Familiarize yourself with CapMan’s Code of Conduct as well as the Supplier Code of Conduct.

CapMan's Code of Conduct

pdf | Dec 22, 2022

Supplier Code of Conduct

pdf | Mar 28, 2023


CapMan’s communications team serves the company’s various stakeholder groups by providing information about CapMan’s strategy, operations, objectives, and business environment in a way that gives a true and fair view of CapMan as an investment target and as a partner.

Information regarding CapMan Group’s Corporate Governance Statements, CapMan Group’s Remuneration Statements and Remuneration Reports, releases, Annual Reports, the investor calendar, and share-related information, as well as other information required by the Code, is presented on other parts of CapMan’s website.

CapMan Disclosure Policy

pdf | Feb 05, 2024

Data protection

This part explains the general principles related to how CapMan collects and processes personal data. CapMan Plc (and all companies belonging to the same group, hereinafter referred to as “CapMan”) undertakes to keep collected and processed personal data safe and to inform the data subjects (“Data Subject” refers to all persons whose personal data CapMan processes and collects) of all data usage purposes as well as the Data Subject’s rights.

Due to CapMan’s wide range of businesses, different situations require that different data is collected. Therefore, CapMan maintains several Privacy Notices which you can get familiar with through the links posted below. Please note that depending on the relationship between you and CapMan, either one or more of the Privacy Notices may be applicable.

For questions regarding data protection, please contact privacy@capman.com.

Fund Investors and Clients Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 19, 2022

Investment Operations Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 19, 2022

Recruitment Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 19, 2022

Tenants Privacy Notice

pdf | Sep 12, 2022

Website Visitors Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 19, 2022

Shareholders Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 19, 2022

Business Partners Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 19, 2022

Tenants Privacy Notice

pdf | Jan 31, 2024

People policies

People Policies provide guidelines and processes implemented at CapMan. The
document here is a subset of the CapMan Corporate People Policies, which is an internal
document. The policies apply to all CapMan Group employees if not otherwise specified and they give an overview of the terms and policies on a general level.

CapMan People Policies

pdf | Jan 20, 2023