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Share & Shareholders

CapMan is a publicly listed company and its share is trading on Nasdaq Helsinki since 2001. On these pages you can review information about CapMan’s share, its trading, historical dividend payments, largest shareholders and other things.

CapMan’s policy is to pay sustainable distributions to its shareholders that grow over time

See information about CapMan’s distribution and total return to shareholders here. Or familiarize yourself with CapMan’s historical dividend payments and distributions to shareholders here.

CapMan aligns remuneration with sustainability agenda through a Performance Share Plan

The Board of Directors of CapMan Plc resolved in March 2022 to establish a new Performance Share Plan 2022-2025 (the “2022 Plan”) for CapMan Group management, as well as selected Group key employees.

Sustainability-linked bond

On 6 April 2022 CapMan announced the issuance of the first ever unsecured sustainability-linked notes in Finland in the aggregate principal amount of EUR 40 million. The notes will mature on 13 April 2027 and carry initially a fixed annual interest of 4.500 per cent.

CapMan Sustainability report 2022

pdf | Jun 09, 2023

CapMan Prospectus 2022

pdf | Apr 13, 2022

Who are CapMan’s investors?

Investors in CapMan’s funds are predominantly professional investors. Close to 300 Nordic and international institutional investors (e.g. pension funds and insurance companies) invest in CapMan’s funds.