Vision & Strategy

CapMan is a pioneering private assets management and investment company. This frontrunner mindset is reflected in our way of working. Our roots are Nordic but our handprint and our networks are global.

Our mission is to build value for the enrichment of society.

We build better organised, managed, and financially stable companies to contribute to overall economic well-being. More jobs and innovations equal better conditions for society. Similarly, we invest in real estate and infrastructure. Functional high-quality environments and utilities are cornerstones for functioning societies.

Our vision is to become the most responsible private asset company in the Nordics.

We strive to be a positive influence in society and a role model for our investors and portfolio companies. Our sustainability journey is about maximising that positive influence.

Our values


Active ownership

Active ownership is the basis for all our operations. We deliver innovative solutions proactively and with a hands-on approach. We create lasting value by working closely with all our stakeholders.


We are committed to entrepreneurial drive. We are hungry but humble and encourage continuous development and learning.

High Ethics

We believe in integrity and transparency. We are a reliable partner and responsible owner respecting all our stakeholders. We always consider the long-term impacts of our actions.


Our strategic objective is to double our assets under management (AUM) to €10 billion.

The strategy is formulated around CapMan’s competitive advantages and growth drivers that ultimately drive the strategic objective. We create active value for our shareholders and our fund investors through our focus areas. A growing unlisted market that continues to interest an international investor base supports the execution of our strategy.

our competitive advantages and growth drivers


Deliver top investment performance through active value creation.

Attractive returns create satisfied customers and are a foundation for the continuation of our business.

Integrate ESG as a core theme in all business activities.

In order to create long-term value, we take sustainability and the requirements of various stakeholders into account in our business.

Develop CapMan as the home of top performers and attract the best talent in the industry.

Professionals with vision are the foundation of our business and we invest in employee well-being and the development of expertise.

Scale up existing strategies and products.

In addition to closed-end funds we have significantly increased the share of open-ended funds and mandate-based solutions in our product portfolio. We have also introduced new strategies investing in the unlisted market alongside more traditional Buyout and real estate investing.

Explore new product and M&A in order to accelerate strategic agenda

We are well positioned to accelerate our growth also through strategic transactions.

Drive shareholder value through a combination of growth and improved earnings quality.

By growing our business profitably, we look after the needs of our shareholders.