We are CapMan

We are CapMan

CapManians are united by their ambitious, entrepreneurial attitude and inspired, forward-looking way of working. With us, the results are made together.

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Are you interested in developing leading Nordic businesses and real estate? Do you see yourself influencing the returns of pension funds? Are you willing to contribute to the creation of a more vibrant society?

CapMan is a leading Nordic investment and asset management company in the private equity industry. We have built successful businesses contributing to the enrichment of society for over 30 years. We are constantly looking for professionals with the courage to take responsibility, willingness to develop, and passion to contribute to the development of our society.

CapMan has received a Future Workplaces Certificate 2022. The certification is granted to workplaces where company culture is led with exceptional employee insight. Read more about the certificate here.

About us

CapMan’s success is based on our skilled and motivated personnel. CapMan is a workplace where results are made together. CapManians are united by their ambitious, entrepreneurial attitude and inspired, forward-looking way of working.

We employ approximately 200 people in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Luxembourg and London.

At CapMan we believe that all success is based on good leadership. We lead with integrity – with honesty, sincerity, high ethics and trustworthiness. We appreciate and promote the entrepreneurial way of work where everyone is a leader and does their best, uses their talent for development, and takes ownership. We share successes and best practices with a collegial spirit.

Active Ownership
We deliver innovative solutions proactively and with a hands-on approach. We create lasting value by working closely with all our stakeholders.

We are committed to entrepreneurial drive. We are hungry but humble and encourage continuous development and learning.

High Ethics
We believe in integrity and transparency. We are a reliable partner and responsible owner respecting all our stakeholders. We always consider the long-term impacts of our actions.

Our people strategy

We strive to build value in everything we do. Our People Strategy consists of four focus areas that define the way we work, collaborate and pursue our goals. In the core of the strategy is CapMan’s Employee Value Proposition – the unique combination of tangible and intangible benefits of CapMan culture offered to the current and future CapManians. We aim to attract, engage and retain top performers. We foster a culture where high professionalism and low hierarchy unite. Read more about our People Strategy focus areas below.

  • We share the same values, believe in each other and set the bar high.
  • We foster entrepreneurial attitude with trust and flexibility
  • Teamwork takes us to success.

  • We get to make a difference and drive change in society.
  • We create sustainable long-term value.
  • We are a responsible employer and make sustainable choices.

  • This is a home of top performers.
  • We work with the best people, and top companies and partners.
  • We get to operate, learn and grow on a wide scope.

  • We are purpose-driven and purpose-led.
  • We support the growth and wellbeing of each individual.
  • We reward success.

Want to work with us?

We are constantly searching for new Capmanians to join our team of top performers. See our open positions below. Please note that due to GDPR, we cannot receive applications through e-mail.

Open positions

Our People Policies

Read about CapMan People Policies here.