We invest to improve Nordic infrastructure.


CapMan Infra invests in energy, transportation and telecommunications infrastructure across the Nordics. We offer tailored solutions to local infrastructure asset owners in the Nordic countries. We are a dedicated and active owner to drive operational improvements. Our team is based in Helsinki and Stockholm.

CapMan Infra invests to improve Nordic infrastructure and work together with public and private stakeholders for the benefit of the end customer. As asset managers we have a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of infrastructure that is at the centre of functioning communities. By investing, we can improve the reliability of an electricity network, increase usage of renewable energy sources in the transportation sector and expand consumer access to important digital infrastructure such as fibre networks. For us, sustainable investment is at the core of our activities. Taking environmental, social and governance concerns into account helps to drive long-term value and enhance returns for investors, while improving society at large as well as the customers and employees in our portfolio companies.

Sector focus

We focus on core and core+ assets in the following sectors:

<li>District heating</li>
<li>Electricity networks</li>
<li>Gas infrastructure</li>
<li>Power generation</li>
<li>Water and sewage assets</li>

Energy & utilities

  • District heating
  • Electricity networks
  • Gas infrastructure
  • Renewables
  • Power generation
  • Water and sewage assets
<li>Rail depots</li>
<li>Storage terminals</li>


  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Rail depots
  • Ferries
  • Storage terminals
<li>Mobile masts</li>
<li>Data centers</li>


  • Mobile masts
  • Networks
  • Fibre
  • Data centers

Our story

We are a true partner to local stakeholders and the wider community. Due to our Nordic history, heritage and relationships, we know what matters in Nordic living. Because we call this region our home, every investment can be considered an investment into our own neighbourhood. Our perspective is long-term as we create value in the asset for both end customers and our investors. In our opinion, an investment is only worth making if it adds value to the community, while taking a step towards a more sustainable future. Being responsible is our license to operate.

We invest in Nordic infrastructure to build sustainable and well-functioning societies today and tomorrow.

The case for Nordic infrastructure

The Nordic region is an attractive, stable location for long-term investments in infrastructure. Urbanisation, changing demographics and the pressure on public finances might open up for new ways of cooperation. By investing in infrastructure, we support and develop societies in the Nordic region. We believe the demand for homogenous provision of infrastructure across the regions puts pressure on municipalities in scarcely populated areas while other areas are facing demand for new investments due to population inflows.