The Board of Directors of CapMan Plc is responsible for confirming the Group’s Corporate Governance principles.

The website concerning CapMan’s corporate governance was last updated on 23 March 2023.

CapMan Plc (“CapMan”) complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for listed companies issued by the Securities Market Association and entered into force on 1 January 2020 (the “Code”). CapMan complies with all of the recommendation of the Code.  CapMan’s corporate governance model also follows the Finnish laws, the articles of association of the company and the rules and directions of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The Code is publicly available on the website of the Securities Market Association at

The company’s Corporate Governance Statement is available below and has also been published in the company’s Annual Report. The Remuneration Policy for the governing bodies and the Remuneration Report from the previous year are available on the remuneration section of the website which also contains up-to-date information on the management’s remuneration and realised remuneration from previous year.

CapMan’s governance model

CapMan is a Finnish limited liability company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The parent company CapMan Plc and its subsidiaries form CapMan group. CapMan’s shares are publicly listed in Nasdaq Helsinki. CapMan’s governance model consists of the general meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors and the CEO. In the operative management of the company the CEO is assisted by the management group.

Articles of Association

The current Articles of Association were approved by the Annual General Meeting on 15 March 2023.

Group Structure

The CapMan Group (the “Group”) is comprised of CapMan Plc and its subsidiaries. CapMan has subsidiaries in Finland, Sweden, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Estonia, the United Kingdom and Cyprus, as well as a branch offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The subsidiaries act primarily as management and/or advisory companies for CapMan funds making direct investments in portfolio companies or in real estate assets. In addition, CapMan Group includes wealth management firm CapMan Wealth Services Oy as well as procurement service organisation CapMan Procurement Services (CaPS) Oy. All CapMan’s subsidiaries including CapMan’s ownership share are listed in CapMan’s Annual Report in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements.