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Investment Case

Through our investments across real estate, infrastructure, natural capital and private equity we take an active role in the transition of the broader economy and society, i.e., everyday products and services, utilities and properties, towards more sustainable operating models. We build better organized, managed and financially stable companies that contribute to overall economic well-being while reducing the negative impacts on the environment and societies. This is how we build value for the enrichment of society.

Why invest in CapMan?

CapMan is one of few listed private assets managers. Shareholders gain exposure to an asset class traditionally available only to large institutions.

Access the unlisted market

All types of investors can access value creation of Nordic real estate, infrastructure, natural capital and unlisted companies through CapMan’s liquid share. The broad range of investment strategies and vintages provide diversified exposure to the asset class.

Growth from fees

Fees obtained from funds under management are based on long-term agreements and are highly predictable. Fees from services have grown fast. CapMan’s long-term financial objective is to achieve more than 15% growth per year in fee income. 

Boost from carry potential

Shareholders also benefit from carried interest income, which is the distribution of profit from a successful fund that CapMan is entitled to as fund manager. Carried interest income is generally generated at the end of a fund’s life cycle as the fund transfers to carry. Funds hold significant unrealised long-term carry potential.

Investments alongside customers

CapMan invests in private assets also from its own balance sheet alongside its fund investors, which provides income from realised investments and fair value changes.

Attractive distribution

CapMan’s policy is to pay sustainable distributions that grow over time. The strong financial position and solid balance sheet support this objective.

Integrated sustainability targets

CapMan has established comprehensive sustainability targets which form part of its strategy. 

CapMan’s long-term financial objectives

The company’s strategic objective is to double its assets under management to EUR 10 billion over the next five years. Value creation for customers remains at the core of the strategy which in turn drives value creation for shareholders through growth and result improvement.



Average annual growth objective for the Management Company and Service business

Return on EQuity


Average annual growth objective

Equity RaTio


Average annual growth objective

CapMan’s distribution policy is to pay sustainable distributions that grow over time. CapMan’s objective is to distribute at least 70 per cent of the Group’s profit attributable to equity holders of the company excluding the impact of fair value changes, subject to the distributable funds of the parent company. In addition, CapMan may pay out distributions accrued from investment operations, taking into consideration foreseen cash requirements for future investments.

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