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About CapMan

CapMan is a leading private asset management company in the Nordic region. We are a responsible, active owner focused on creating value in real estate, infrastructure, natural capital, and unlisted companies. Our Nordic roots go back more than 30 years and our handprint and networks are global.


CapMan has published its 1 – 3 2024 Interim Report on Friday 3 May 2024


1-3 2024 Interim Report

pdf | May 03, 2024

CapMan 1-3 Interim Report results webcast


CapMan in 2023

We are today building the society we want to see in 2040. The long-term perspective of private assets allows us to align with our vision for the future as we carry out active value creation that integrates sustainability factors. Read more in our 2023 annual report.

Latest reports

See our latest reports to find out how we build value for the enrichment of society while driving sustainable change and pursuing our strategic objectives.

1-3 2024 Interim Report

pdf | May 03, 2024

Annual Report 2023

pdf | Mar 04, 2024

Financial Statements 2023

pdf | Mar 04, 2024

Investments Sustainability Report 2023

pdf | Apr 24, 2024

Key figures



Average annual growth objective for the Management Company and Service business

Return on EQuity


Average annual growth objective

Equity RaTio


Average annual growth objective

The company’s strategic objective is to double its assets under management to EUR 10 billion over the next five years. Value creation for customers remains at the core of the strategy which in turn drives value creation for shareholders through growth and result improvement.

What is CapMan’s investment approach?

Each investment team and fund has its own clearly defined investment strategy. We aim to increase the value or income profile of the businesses, real estate and infrastructure that we invest in. We achieve this by selecting the targets carefully and setting clear objectives for our value creation work and actively creating value in each stage of the investment process. A successful investment calls for input from a motivated and experienced team that is familiar with various industries and situations. We seek to employ the best professionals both to CapMan and our portfolio companies. CapMan also invests in private assets, mainly our own funds, from our own balance sheet.

CapMan faces many different risks and uncertainties, which could if realised affect its strategic direction, financial position, earnings, operations and reputation. Assessment and management of risks is an integral part of CapMan’s ability to conduct its operations in a successful manner.

Historical development of CapMan’s share