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Decisions made by CapMan Plc’s shareholders’ meeting


During its follow-up shareholders’ meeting on 8 December 2000 CapMan Plc has today, 19 December 2000, considered accepting the merger plan pursuant to which Vestcap Oyj shall merge into CapMan Plc. The follow-up shareholders’ meeting was necessary in order to decide on the changes to the merger prospectus required by Finnish Financial Supervision after Vestcap Oyj, CapMan Plc and all its shareholders agreed on selling part of their Mandatum Bank shares.

The follow-up shareholders’ meeting has accepted the merger plan. Vestcap Oyj shall therefore merge into CapMan Plc according to the plan in the spring 2001. The merger will take effect, when the execution of the merger has been authorised by the Trade Register.

The planned registration date for the merger is 6 April 2001.


Olli Liitola, CFO,

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