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Decisions made by CapMan’s shareholders’ meeting


CapMan Plc has considered during its shareholders’ meeting the merger plan pursuant to which Vestcap Oyj shall merge into CapMan Plc. CapMan Plc and all its shareholders have signed an agreement with Vestcap Oyj on 7 December 2000. The agreement changes information given in the merger prospectus, which was published on 28 November 2000. Because Finnish Financial Supervision requires supplementing the merger prospectus, the board of directors of CapMan has proposed to the shareholders’ meeting that the merger decision is postponed until the follow-up shareholders’ meeting, after the Finnish Financial Supervision has approved the amended merger prospectus.

The shareholders’ meeting decided that the follow-up shareholders’ meeting will take place on 19 December 2000 at 14.00 at the head office of CapMan Plc at Aleksanterinkatu 15 B, FIN-00130 Helsinki. No separate invitation will be issued for the follow-up meeting.


The Board of Directors