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Mr Siimestö has been a Member of the Board of Directors of CapMan Capital Management Oy since 1993.

“Mr Siimestö’s background complements CapMan’s reputation as facilitator of portfolio companies’ growth. Mr Siimestö’s long experience with several industrial companies and his wide knowledge of the financial sector provide an excellent basis for this”, explains Mr Heikki Westerlund, Managing Director of CapMan Capital Management Oy.

“I consider this position extremely interesting and challenging. I value CapMan very highly, its growth and success to date have been exceptional. I aim to serve the companies planning a MBO/MBI efficiently and speedily. I also wish, that my experience with international companies brings in added value in the development of CapMan’s portfolio companies”, says Siimestö.

In addition to Mr Siimestö, other Senior Advisors at CapMan are Mr Curt Lindbom, Mr Timo Tiihonen and Mr Kari Österlund.

CapMan is one of the leading private equity investors in the Nordic countries specialising in mid-sized MBOs/MBIs and technology investments in IT, telecommunications and media sectors. Capman was established in 1989 and the funds managed by CapMan have invested in about 100 companies in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. So far 25 exits have been completed. CapMan employs 45 people.