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CapMan invests in Mawell


Press Release 11 September 2007 at 8.30 a.m.


CapMan Technology 2007 fund announces an investment in ICT company Mawell. Mawell provides solutions that enhance patient safety, quality and productivity to private and public healthcare organisations and pharmaceutical industry mainly in the Nordic countries. The investment will finance the company’s international growth.
Mawell, established in 2001, provides software and services that are used in many Finnish and Swedish hospital districts and as a part of the product range of partners such as GE Healthcare and Agfa Healthcare in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The fast growing company targets a turnover of approx. EUR 10 million in 2007 and it employs 120 persons.
Mawell provides solutions in three complementary areas: Imaging and Clinical Data, Selfcare and eServices and Business Intelligence. With the assistance of Mawell’s M7, B7 and S7 solutions healthcare organisations can offer their clients innovative services such as e-consultations, e-healthcare services and health counselling. The web-based technology enables electronic handling of patient records and integration of different healthcare information management systems.
“The demand for e-healthcare services is growing with the ageing of the population, rising healthcare costs and development of technology solutions. Mawell’s solutions enable lower healthcare system costs without a trade-off in quality care. The company has grown strongly and we will focus on expansion of Mawell’s operations in selected geographical areas,” says CapMan Senior Advisor Jarkko Virtanen.
“The real time availability of patient data ensures improved patient care and increased healthcare productivity. High-quality treatment decisions can increasingly be made by transferring data instead of moving the patient. Mawell’s products provide a concrete solution to these challenges,” says Tero Silvola, CEO of Mawell. “Solutions that are based on open standards facilitate seamless communication between different operator independent system environments, and have made the building of isolated systems in healthcare at the cost of patient safety and productivity a thing of the past.”
CapMan Technology 2007 fund will invest approx. EUR 8 million in Mawell and becomes the largest single owner of the company. CapMan Plc is a substantial investor in the fund. The transaction is expected to be finalised by the end of September.
For further information, please contact:
Jarkko Virtanen, Senior Advisor, CapMan Technology, tel. +358 9 6155 8369 or +358 40 547 6945
Tero Silvola, CEO, Mawell Oy,  tel. +358 40 590 5733
CapMan is one of the leading alternative asset managers in the Nordic countries and manages Nordic funds with approximately EUR 3 billion in total capital. CapMan has four investment areas (CapMan Buyout, CapMan Technology, CapMan Life Science and CapMan Real Estate), and each of them has a dedicated team. Altogether CapMan employs around 100 people in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. CapMan was established in 1989 and its B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 2001.
CapMan Technology invests in Nordic expansion and later stage technology companies. CapMan’s Technology team, having a long track record in accordance with this investment focus, is one of the most experienced in the Nordics. The team has made close to 70 Nordic investments and 40 exits. Examples of the current portfolio are Finnish Novintel, Swedish Tritech Technology, Norwegian Locus and Danish ScanJour. The aggregate turnover of current portfolio companies is approx. EUR 230 million and the companies employ over 2,500 people.
Mawell is an innovative and fast-growing health informatics company. We provide our solutions internationally to private and public healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies. We rely on open standards and human oriented technology. Mawell operates through a close-knit global network to overcome well-being challenges all around the world. We provide more time to care.