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New Management Group for CapMan


CapMan Plc Stock Exchange Release 5 November 2010 8:40 a.m.  EET

New Management Group for CapMan

The composition of CapMan Plc Group’s Management Group has been renewed as of 5 November 2010.


The company’s Management Group will consist of the following members as of 5 November 2010:
–       Lennart Simonsen, CEO
–       Jerome Bouix, Head of Investor Services
–       Niko Haavisto, CFO
–       Kai Jordahl, Head of CapMan Buyout
–       Mika Matikainen, Deputy Head of CapMan Real Estate
–       Hans Christian Dall Nygård, Head of CapMan Russia
–       Joakim Rubin, Head of CapMan Public Market.


“We now have a right mix of representation from our investment operations, management company business, and key geographical markets in the Management Group while maintaining focus on running especially CapMan funds’ investment operations. The new composition will give the Management Group a solid foundation for developing the company,” says CapMan’s CEO, Lennart Simonsen.


“In addition to our strategy work, the new Management Group will be instrumental in improving the transfer of the best practices developed and used by our investment teams,” continues Simonsen. “Our goal is to ensure that CapMan as an owner brings even greater added value to our portfolio companies and real estate properties in their operations, translating this ownership into a clear value increase for the investors in CapMan funds and for CapMan Plc’s shareholders.”


“We are deeply grateful for the previous Management Group members for their contribution in developing CapMan and I am extremely happy that they all continue in the service of CapMan”, says Simonsen.



Further information:
Lennart Simonsen, CEO, tel. +358 (0)207 207 567 or +358 (0)400 439 684
Additional information on the members of the Management Group can be found at




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CapMan is one of the leading alternative asset managers in the Nordic countries and Russia and manages private equity funds with approximately EUR 3.6 billion in total capital. CapMan has six investment areas (CapMan Buyout, CapMan Technology, CapMan Life Science, CapMan Russia, CapMan Public Market and CapMan Real Estate), and each of them has a dedicated team and funds. Altogether CapMan employs approximately 150 people in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Moscow and Luxembourg. CapMan was established in 1989 and its B shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 2001.