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Share subscription price and market value of CapMan Plc stock options 2016B


CapMan Plc Stock Exchange Release  1 June 2017 at 2.00 p.m. EEST 

Share subscription price and market value of CapMan Plc stock options 2016B

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of CapMan Plc decided on 16 March 2016 on the issue of stock options to the CapMan Group key personnel. The share subscription price for stock option 2016B is EUR 1.76 per share (the trade volume weighted average quotation of the share on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd during 1 April-31 May 2017 with an addition of 10 per cent). Each year dividends and equity returns will be deducted from the share subscription price. 

A total of 1,410,000 new or existing shares held by the Company can be subscribed for with stock options 2016B. The share subscription period for stock options 2016B will be 1 May 2020-30 April 2022.

The theoretical market value of one stock option 2016B is EUR 0.26. The theoretical market value of the stock options 2016B is EUR 366,600 in total. The theoretical market value of one stock option has been calculated by using Black & Scholes stock option pricing model with the following input factors: share price EUR 1.64, share subscription price EUR 1.76, risk free interest rate 0 per cent, validity of stock options 4.92 years and volatility 21.51 per cent. 

The terms and conditions of the Stock Options 2016 are available on the Company’s website at


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CapMan is a leading Nordic investment and specialised asset management company. As one of the Nordic private equity pioneers we have actively developed hundreds of companies and real estate and thereby created substantial value in these businesses and assets over the last 25 years. CapMan has today 100 private equity professionals and manages €2.8 billion in assets. We mainly manage the assets of our customers, the investors, but also make direct investments from our own balance sheet in areas without an active fund. Our objective is to provide attractive returns and innovative solutions to investors and value adding services to professional investment partnerships, growth-oriented companies and tenants. Our current investment strategies cover Buyout, Growth Equity, Real Estate, Russia, Credit, Infrastructure and Tactical Opportunities. We also have a growing service business that currently includes fundraising advisory, procurement activities and fund management.