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CapMan Plc: Managers’ transactions


CapMan Plc     Stock Exchange Release                                       20 March 2018 at 5.30 p.m. EET

CapMan Plc: Managers’ transactions

Based on the notification requirement in Article 19 of MAR Juha Mikkola has notified that he has completed the following transaction:

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name: Mikkola, Juha
Position: Other senior manager
Issuer: CapMan Oyj
LEI: 743700498L5THNQWVL66

Reference number: 743700498L5THNQWVL66_20180320171649_5


Transaction date: 2018-03-19
Instrument type: SHARE
ISIN: FI0009009377
Nature of the transaction: ACQUISITION

Transaction Details
(1): Volume: 1321 Unit price: 1,53800 EUR
(2): Volume: 388 Unit price: 1,53800 EUR
(3): Volume: 6091 Unit price: 1,53800 EUR
(4): Volume: 3500 Unit price: 1,53800 EUR
(5): Volume: 1500 Unit price: 1,53800 EUR
(6): Volume: 137 Unit price: 1,53800 EUR
(7): Volume: 3500 Unit price: 1,54200 EUR
(8): Volume: 500 Unit price: 1,54200 EUR
(9): Volume: 3300 Unit price: 1,54400 EUR
(10): Volume: 5700 Unit price: 1,54400 EUR
(11): Volume: 133 Unit price: 1,54400 EUR

Aggregated transactions
(11): Volume: 26070 Volume weighted average price: 1,54072 EUR

Katariina Kataja
Manager, Communications & IR

Nasdaq Helsinki


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