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New contract for Norled for delivery of a hybrid high-speed vessel


CapMan Infra’s portfolio company  Norled AS has signed a contract with the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries for delivery of a hybrid high-speed vessel. The new vessel helps the Directorate to reduce their environmental impact.

The vessel has a length of 39 meters and it is capable of reaching top speeds of over 33 knots. It can be either fully battery-operated or running on a combination of electricity and diesel.

The vessel will carry out assignments along the entire Norwegian coast, including fishing controls, rescue of lost fishing equipment and coastal data collection, and it will be operational all year round.

“We are very pleased to win this tender based on our concept that focuses on the environment, quality and price. This is the first time Norled designs and delivers a custom-made vessel to the Directorate of this sort, but the vessel has many similarities to our many express boats that also offer hybrid solutions,” says Heidi Wolden, Norled’s CEO.

The contract is valid for 10 years, including options.

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