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CapMan Infra’s portfolio company Nydalen Energi has been granted an expanded concession area in Nydalen


CapMan Infra’s portfolio company Nydalen Energi has been granted an expanded concession area in Nydalen

On 20 May 2022, CapMan Infra’s portfolio company Nydalen Energi was awarded a concession by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) which significantly increases its’ concession area and production capacity in Nydalen.

“Existing customers will not notice any immediate changes as a result of the upcoming expansion. That said, when the planned accumulator tank has been built, we expect to be able to maintain even more stable temperatures in the network and to further increase the share of renewable energy beyond the current 99%. We are constantly working to expand and improve our business in and around Nydalen, and the expanded concession provides a good opportunity to do so. The concession expansion will allow us to connect more customers to our environmentally friendly heating and cooling, which to a large extent is based on geothermal energy and recovered heat from the surrounding area. In the near future, we will begin contacting potential new customers in the area, and we welcome those interested in environmentally friendly heating and cooling to connect with us as well,” says Kim Johannessen Lande, CEO of Nydalen Energi.

“CapMan Infra is working together with Nydalen Energi to expand and improve its business in the Nydalen area. This newly granted concession expansion increases the company’s organic growth potential and is a direct result of the excellent work done by management in Nydalen Energi to date”, adds Daniel Joelsson, Investment Manager at CapMan Infra.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Joelsson, Investment Manager at CapMan Infra, +46 72 150 29 41

Nydalen Energi is based in Oslo, Norway, and has since 2003 delivered environmentally friendly district heating and district cooling to its customers in the Nydalen area. Nydalen Energi’s production of heat and cooling utilises a high share of heat pumps, pellets and geothermal energy. The use of heat pumps enables recovery and reuse of local heating and cooling surplus as well as the collection of heating and cooling from the environment. Nydalen Energi’s green production footprint of using 99% renewable energy sources also contributes significantly to local power savings as well as reduced power load in the electricity grid.