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Maija Ilmoniemi appointed as Managing Director of CapMan for Good and Tukikummit foundations


Maija Ilmoniemi appointed as Managing Director of CapMan for Good and Tukikummit foundations

The CapMan for Good foundation and the Tukikummit foundation have together appointed Maija Ilmoniemi as their new Managing Director.

CapMan manages two foundations: The CapMan for Good Foundation and the Tukikummit Foundation. Throughout the years, the two foundations have worked to support disadvantaged youth and to increase wellbeing and entrepreneurship throughout society, mostly in Finland. Now, CapMan has set ambitious targets to develop both these foundations further and into their full potential across the Nordics.

Shifting in a new gear in our foundations requires a new set of tools and resources, and CapMan is very pleased to have Maija Ilmoniemi join as Managing Director of both foundations. Maija is a multi-talented communicator and communications professional who has worked as a speaker, writer, producer, and editor, both as an entrepreneur and in in-house positions for over twenty years. A common thread in her work and projects has been humanity and loneliness, from being a board member at the Finnish Youth Mental Health Association to writing a book about the experience of loneliness. This will continue in her new assignment as well, as Maija will fight against youth marginalisation through the work in our foundations.

“I am thrilled to welcome Maija into CapMan, and the CapMan for Good and Tukikummit foundations. In the current economic situation, it is increasingly important to expand our reach and use our ability to create a positive impact in society through this work, supporting our youth, as well as wellbeing and entrepreneurship throughout society. In Maija, we get an energetic, solution-oriented, genuine and present agent for our foundations who will help us take them to the next level and expand our impact”, Joakim Frimodig, Chair of the Board of CapMan for Good and Tukikummit foundations.

“I am excited to join CapMan and get to work with these two foundations which both hold great potential to further expand their already great positive impact. This new role builds well on the themes I have worked with in the past and inspires me personally. Whatever I do, I aim to leave a positive mark behind, and in this role, I get to do just that”, Maija Ilmoniemi, Managing Director of Tukikummit and CapMan for Good foundations.

Maija was appointed as of May 22nd 2023. She works for the foundations on a part-time basis (50%) and will be located in CapMan’s Helsinki office.

Tukikummit Foundation was started in 2007 by a concern of among others Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland, for young people who are at risk of falling outside our society. The foundation donates funds for children in need to support their hobby activities and school attendance. CaPS has been the engine for organising the most relevant annual donations for the foundation for many years already this year CapMan took over the responsibility to manage and operate the foundation altogether. Our revised vision is to grow Tukikummit into Finland’s most significant foundation in supporting children’s hobby activities.

CapMan for Good Foundation support causes and activities that positively impact education, entrepreneurship and health and well-being especially in disadvantaged parts of society. In practice the foundation organizes and coordinates individual projects and campaigns in which CapMan’s personnel and other stakeholders can participate and share their expertise and time. The vision is to broaden the pro bono activities in all CapMan offices and to offer all CapManians the possibility to participate in doing good by taking part in our various concepts.