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CaPS and CapMan networks raised EUR 215,000 to prevent marginalisation of children and youth


CapMan press release
18 December 2023 at 11:00 AM EET

CaPS and CapMan networks raised EUR 215,000 to prevent marginalisation of children and youth

A Holiday fundraise with an adjacent charity seminar made possible by CaPS and CapMan networks has raised EUR 215,000, which is donated for work to prevent the marginalisation of youth and children. We have raised approx. EUR 1.4 million for the Tukikummit foundation since 2014 and the contributions have reached more than 15,000 children and youth in Finland. A warm thank you to all CaPS and CapMan network companies that have contributed to the fundraise and seminar.

CaPS and CapMan for Good foundation organised a seminar on 15th December to raise funds for the prevention of marginalisation of children and youth. The proceeds of the seminar, organised for the sixth time, are donated to the Tukikummit foundation.

Speakers at the seminar included Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic of Finland and Honorary Chair of the Tukikummit Foundation; Sari Baldauf, Nokia’s Chairman of the Board, and Björn Wahlroos, Doctor of Economics. In addition to this Meri Larivaara, Doctor of Medical Science and cultural anthropologist together with Silja-Elisa Laitonen, author and former senior police officer, joined in on a panel discussion where they shared their perspectives on the situation of children and youth today. Larivaara has a long career working with the wellbeing of youth and children while Laitonen was able to share her personal experiences regarding the importance of receiving aid.

”As costs of living rise, the role of foundations, such as the Tukikummit foundation, are accentuated. Without support, many families need to compromise on their children’s hobby opportunities or give them up altogether. This increases the risk of marginalisation for a young person looking for direction. However, the desire to help is strong, and we are very grateful that so many companies and individuals in the CaPS and CapMan network want to participate and enable this support to continue”, shares Joakim Frimodig Chairman of the Board at CapMan and Chairman of the Board of the CapMan for Good foundation.

”This is the eight consecutive year that we organise this holiday fundraise. Every time I am equally grateful that so many companies and individuals join us in supporting the work of Tukikummit foundation. Through the charitable donations raised we will positively influence the life of many young people, and in the long run are able to contribute to building a more equal and vital society”, says Maximilian Marschan, Managing Partner at CaPS, and Board Member at Tukikummit foundation.

The Tukikummit foundation wants to ensure that as many children as possible living in Finland, regardless of the family’s situation, can take part in hobbies. The foundation works to ensure that no-one is left on the outside and alone. By distributing aid to support hobby and study costs, shared experiences for families, travel costs, as well as single parent families, the foundation supports children and young people that are at risk of becoming marginalised due to the economic situation in their families. CaPS has together with its networks raised a total of approx. EUR 1.4 million for Tukikummit since 2014. The contributions have reached more than 15,000 Finnish children and youth.

For more information, please contact:

Maximilian Marschan, Managing Partner at CaPS, and Board Member at Tukikummit foundation,

About CapMan

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About Tukikummit foundation

The Tukikummit Foundation was born in 2007 from the common concern of Sauli Niinistö, Sari Baldauf, Björn Wahlroos and Hjallis Harkimo for young people at risk of marginalisation. The foundation donates funds to children and youth in need of support for hobby activities and school attendance. CapMan Plc has focused its charitable donations to Tukikummit for already eight years’ time. In 2023 it took an even stronger role in the foundation by starting to fund its operational activities with the target of significantly growing the amount of donations collected and those receiving support.

Thank you to all participating companies:

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Avance Attorneys Ltd

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