CapMan 2019: Buyouts with a fresh twist

CapMan has 30 years of private equity investment experience and was the company to establish the buyout as a form of financing in Finland. The world has changed radically over these past 30 years, but so has the life of Pia Kåll, the captain at the helm of CapMan Buyout… Read More

CapMan 2019: Easy access to investing in Nordic cash-focused real estate

Why invest in Nordic, cash flow generating real estate? This is a question that Sampsa Apajalahti, Investment Director at CapMan Real Estate and advisor of CapMan Nordic Property Income Fund, is frequently asked. – In the current low interest rate environment, there is significant demand for liquid real estate instruments… Read More

CapMan 2019: Sustainable infrastructure for generations to come

The Nordic region offers an attractive, stable environment for long-term investments in infrastructure. Aging infrastructure, urbanisation and changing demographics in the Nordic region results in a continuous need for private capital supporting infrastructure investment. CapMan Infra invests in Nordic infrastructure companies that create sustainable, long-term value for customers, employees, and… Read More