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”It is stimulating for CapMan to be able to invest in our life science unit also during weaker market conditions. The expansion strengthens our ambitious goals in life science and is proof of CapMan’s strong financial position,” says Jan Lundahl, who is the head of CapMan’s Life Science Business Unit and has over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

CapMan is one of the leading private equity investors in the Nordic countries and has offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. CapMan manages/advises funds with over EUR 1.6 billion in total capital. CapMan’s life science investment strategy focuses on medical technology. The Life Science Business Unit is based in Sweden, but its operations will be expanded to Finland and Denmark as well.

Doctor Björn Nordenvall strengthens the life science team

As part of the Nordic expansion of CapMan’s life science operations, new recruitments will be made in Finland and Denmark. At the same time the Swedish life science team has been strengthened by the appointment of Dr Björn Nordenvall. He has held several management positions in the life science sector in the past 20 years, including Managing Director for Carnegie Medicin AB, Sophiahemmet AB and the American listed biotechnology company Oxigene Inc.

”Björn Nordenvall is a real entrepreneur and we are very pleased that he is joining the CapMan team. He has worked with growth companies and has solid experience, both as a doctor and managing director, in the life science sector,” says Jan Lundahl.

”CapMan has a good operating structure and the future looks bright both for the private equity field and life science sector,” says Björn Nordenvall. ”The focus on medical technology is exciting as well, since the companies in that sector typically have shorter development periods than for example medical companies, and this improves the potential for profitable realisations.”

”The most important quality that I will bring to CapMan is my extensive experience in the life science sector,” he continues. ”Thanks to my strong background, I have a good understanding of the questions that a new player in the medical technology field must solve in order to succeed.”

For more information, please contact:

Mr Jan Lundahl, Senior Partner

Tel. +46 8 545 854 75