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CapMan Group changes its structure of reportable segments


CaMan Plc Stock exchange release                                               14 March 2018 at 16.40 p.m. EET

CapMan Group changes its structure of reportable segments

CapMan Plc (“CapMan”) will change its structure of reportable segments to reflect the current structure of the group business and its’ revenue streams. CapMan Group’s new reportable segments are the Management company business, Service business and Investment business.

CapMan Group’s reporting structure has been changed as of the beginning of 2018. CapMan Group’s new reportable segments are the Management company business, Service business and Investments business. In the earlier reporting structure, the Management company business and Service business were reported as one segment. In the new structure, these businesses are presented as separate reportable segments and corporate support functions have been moved to non-allocated items outside segment reporting and are reported in item Other.

In the reporting structure, income from the Management company business is derived from fees and carried interest received from funds.  Income from the Service business include fees from CapMan Procurement Services (CaPS) and fundraising advisory services (Scala).

The Investments business comprises fund investments made from CapMan’s balance sheet, investments in associated companies as well as short-term market investments held for trading. Income from the Investment business is derived from realised returns on fund investments and unrealised changes in the fair value of investments.

Other includes the corporate functions not allocated to operating segments. These functions include part of the activities of group accounting, corporate communications and group management. Other also includes the eliminations of the intersegment transactions.

The change in the structure of reportable segments is a result of the growth of the Service business and the emphasized share of Service business in CapMan’s revenues in addition to the wider selection of funds under management.

CapMan Group’s financial reporting will be changed accordingly as of the first-quarter interim report 2018. The segment information according to the new segment structure for the comparison year 2017 on a quarterly basis is disclosed in the attachment of this stock exchange release.

For further information, please contact:
Niko Haavisto, CFO, CapMan Plc, tel. +358 50 465 4125


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Segment information for 2017 according to the new segment structure


CapMan is a leading Nordic private asset expert with an active approach to value-creation in its target companies and assets. We offer a wide selection of investment products and services. As one of the Nordic private equity pioneers we have developed hundreds of companies and real estate and created substantial value in these businesses and assets over the last 28 years. CapMan has today 118 private equity professionals and manages approximately €2.8 billion in assets under management. We mainly manage the assets of our customers, the investors, but also make investments from our own balance sheet. Our objective is to provide attractive returns and innovative solutions to investors. Our current investment strategies cover Real Estate, Buyout, Russia, Credit, Growth Equity and Infrastructure. We also have a growing service business that currently includes procurement services (CaPS), fundraising advisory (Scala Fund Advisory), and fund management services.