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CapMan Procurement Services CaPS grows and highlights responsible procurement


CapMan press release
3 April 2019 at 9.00 a.m. EET

CapMan Procurement Services CaPS grows and highlights responsible procurement

CapMan Procurement Services CaPS grew substantially in 2018 thanks to new member companies and procurement categories. The contractual procurement volumes generated through CaPS increased by 22 percent to EUR 180 million in 2018. The past year, the team has focused especially on the Swedish market, where growth has been particularly prominent.

”2018 was another record-breaking year for CaPS’s business and 2019 has kicked off with force with new contracts and members. We are constantly considering new categories and services that bring added value to our members and develop our service accordingly. This enables CaPS to maintain good growth prospects also in the future,” says Maximilian Marschan, Managing Partner at CaPS.

CaPS centralises the procurement of its member companies’ non-strategic products and services in Finland and Sweden. CaPS has over 130 member companies, which together employ over 50,000 persons in Finland and Sweden and have an aggregate revenue of EUR 11 billion. The network has over 200 supplier partners, which benefit from larger volumes and the concentration of sales through one channel. The service creates added value to its network through savings, more efficient procurement processes and new customer relationships.

CaPS reports the carbon footprint of its supplier partners

CaPS launches a new service that maps and reports suppliers’ carbon emissions. Through the reporting tool, a member company can see how the selection of a certain supplier affects their own consumption. Member companies recognise the suppliers reporting their carbon emissions through a designated symbol in the reporting system. So far about 20 companies report their carbon footprint through CaPS. The significance of carbon emissions is emphasised especially in categories covering travelling, shipping & transport and electricity contracts.

”We manage large procurement volumes in our network, and we want to increase transparency on our behalf while helping our members to make enlightened decisions. By encouraging our partners to follow and report their carbon footprints we can also inspire our member companies to follow their consumption on a broader scale,” Marschan comments.

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Maximilian Marschan, managing partner, CaPS, tel. +358 50 591 1282

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