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Loviisa’s district heating business is now branded as Loviisan Lämpö


The transaction of CapMan Nordic Infrastructure I Fund acquiring 100% of the district heating business in the city of Loviisa from Porvoon Energia successfully closed on 31 August 2020. The business is now branded as Loviisan Lämpö.

Porvoon Energia will continue providing customer support and transitional services to secure flawless business transition until Loviisan Lämpö operates as a stand-alone entity.

Porvoon Energia’s district heating business produces and distributes heat to residential, commercial and public properties in the city of Loviisa. The network currently serves approx. 300 connection points and the customer base has grown steadily. The heat production in Loviisa is fully based on renewable energy from biomass, and amounted to 53 GWh in 2019.Two primary energy plants, three back-up plants and 38 km of pipeline network ensure a secure supply of district heating in the area and provide opportunities for further expansion of the district heating network.

Fuel from biomass

Loviisan Lämpö sources biomass locally from nearby regions. Biomass is an ecological fuel and in its production no additional trees are cut nor forests destroyed, but parts of the forest which are unsuitable for further processing or commercial use are harvested. Once biomass has been transported to the Loviisan Lämpö’s plant and burned, the ash from the biomass is returned to the forest as fertilizer. This results in a closed circulation ensuring that buildings in the district heating network in Loviisa are warmed up with the highest renewable energy standards.