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Norled will move commuter traffic from E18 to electric express boats


Norled, Slemmestad Brygge and Brødrene Aa aims to move passenger traffic from E18 to the sea by developing a new transport system consisting of electric express boats that will run from areas around the Oslo-fjord and in and out of central Oslo. The new transport solution will have a very positive environmental effect. PILOT-E ​​supports the project in the first phase with NOK 30 million.

The existing and largely congested road network (E-18, Slemmestadveien and Røykenveien) will be relieved by transferring commuter traffic to and from Oslo onto emission-free express boats.

The three partners are now joining forces to develop a concept for a comprehensive transport system that will be operated by electric and energy-efficient express boats. The express boats will be able to transport around 1,250,000 people annually. The project will also develop new innovative infrastructure related to electric charging, piers, public facilities and easy transition to buses, bicycles and cars.

“If we manage to get commuters to choose a express boats instead of driving a car, it will relieve the road network in the region, reduce noise and accidents, cut CO2 emissions and provide better accessibility for buses and commercial traffic,” says project manager Karolina Adolfsson in Norled.

The environmental impact of the project will be significant. A timetable consisting of electric boats with an annual capacity of 1,250,000 passengers provides a CO2 reduction of 1877 tonnes per year compared with express boats with diesel fuel, and a reduction of 4628 tonnes per year if compared to use of private cars.

“A main part of the project is related to the development of solutions for energy-efficient vessels that entail reduced costs, energy savings and weight savings on the vessel. Research will be carried out on new vessel concepts and models with low weight in order to develop vessels that can maintain good speed and have room for batteries,” says Adolfsson.

The project will start during spring 2021 and will be completed in 2024. The project receives support through Pilot-E, which is a collaboration between the The Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway and Enova. 17 million has been allocated to Norled and Slemmestad Brygge, and 13 million to Brødrene Aa.

“The Norwegian maritime industry is really at the forefront when it comes to developing innovative, emission-free solutions with great scaling potential. This project will make an important contribution to realizing emission-free express boats,” says Trond Moengen, program secretary for PILOT-E.