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Norled will help launch the world’s first fully electric express boat


CapMan Infra’s portfolio company  Norled will provide technical expertise and assistance for the world’s first fully electric express boat.

“We are very happy to be able to work on such an exciting project. Since the development of the world’s first electric ferry, MF Ampere, Norled has worked with zero-emission solutions for both ferries and speedboats. The ferry sector has come a long way in regards to electrification. Now the express boats are ready for eletricication. It is a major milestone now that Kolumbus and Fjellstrand are now building a fully electric express boat “, says CEO of Norled, Heidi Wolden.

Norled will, together with Kolumbus and Fjellstrand, contribute with technical assistance within ship design, electrical, navigation, safety and energy consumption. In addition, Norled will follow up the construction of the vessel, prepare an operation and maintenance program, and participate in testing and completion. The work will start in May this year and continue until the wessel is ready for testing and completion during March 2022.

The vessel will be put into route operation and will be operated by Norled in Kolumbus’ routes to Byøyene and Hommersåk outside Stavanger, Norway. The wessel will be 30 meters long, 9 meters wide and will have a cruising speed of 23 knots. The vessel will be built at the shipyard Fjellstrand AS.