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CapMan performs well in PRI assessment for 2021


CapMan has been a signatory of the PRI since 2012. In line with our commitment to the PRI, we continue to improve our responsible investment processes and activities. After a revision to its Reporting Framework, the PRI has published its assessment for 2021. We are glad to announce that we continue to perform well also in the revised and more comprehensive context and in comparison with our peer group. Since the completion of the 2021 report, we have developed our policies and practices even further.

CapMan has received the following scores for the modules that cover CapMan’s policy and investment activities:

  • Investment & Stewardship Policy 4/5 stars (median 3/5 stars)
  • Private Equity 4/5 stars (median 3/5 stars)
  • Real Estate 4/5 stars (median 3/5 stars)
  • Infrastructure 5/5 stars (median 3/5 stars)

Please read more about the PRI assessment and methodology below.

PRI revised its Reporting Framework in 2020 in order to reflect the more stringent requirements and the increasing ambition level of signatories. The 2021 scoring methodology has changed to reflect the new Reporting Framework, and is incomparable with scores from previous PRI years.

2021 Assessment Report for CapMan Plc

Private RI Report CapMan Plc 2021