Tukikummit + CapMan


In a rapidly changing society, the role of businesses as agents for shaping our core values and solving pressing challenges is growing in importance. That is why we have decided to support the valuable work of the Tukikummit Foundation.

€500,000 donated to Tukikummit since 2014

In October 2017, we arranged a charity event with Tukikummit foundation. The event contained two separate parts: a lunch seminar and an advance screening of the Unknown Soldier at the Tennispalatsi cinema. The yield from the participation fees of the two events, EUR 210,000, was donated to the Tukikummit foundation, which gathers funds for young people in danger of being socially excluded.

The lunch seminar held during the day included keynote speeches by Sauli Niinistö, President of Finland and the Chairman of the Board of the Tukikummit foundation, Bengt Holmström, winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, and Emilia Lahti, researcher specialising into the Finnish concept of “sisu”.

The evening event was arranged at the Tennispalatsi cinema, including an advance screening of the Unknown Soldier to celebrate Finland 100 years. The high point of the event was when Sauli Niinistö, Seppo Häkkinen, Hjallis Harkimo and Johanna Arantola-Hattab, representatives of the Board of the Tukikummit foundation, were handed a cheque for EUR 210,000 from the profits of the event. The full sum of the donation will be channeled to young people in need via the Church Diaconal Fund.