CapMan launch in KOP’s “Viikko-Orava” 4/89

CapMan’s operations started as a joint venture between Kansallis Banking Group (KOP), Pohjola Group and Programator. The team was launched in April 1989 in KOP’s internal newsletter with the formidable name “Viikko-Orava” (i.e. “Weekly Squirrel”), referring to the Group’s mascot. The article refers to the unique CapMan concept, which provides… Read More

A preferred partner

This is how CapMan was portrayed in 1990. Although “development capital” is hardly used anymore, many of the attributes are still valid. We strive to be a “preferred partner” and look for “growth-oriented” businesses. Read More

Fund structures anno 1994

Our complex fund structures have been newsworthy since the beginning. Helsingin Sanomat published this chart in conjunction with an article dated 22 April 1994 on the establishment of ScanEast Alliance, a joint venture between CapMan and US-based Alliance Capital Management. Note the caption that states that the fund administration is… Read More

Once upon a time

These are the makings of a 1990s dream team! In the very beginning, this is what CapMan looked like. The hair was bigger and the ties wider, but the spirit has remained the same!… Read More