CapMan’s “Everyone’s Future” seminar generated over €150,000 to fight marginalisation

The funds raised through CapMan’s and CaPS's network provide content and meaning to young people at risk of becoming marginalised from society. Our networks have raised a total of €700 000 euro for Tukikummit since 2014 and the contributions have reached approx. 10,000 Finnish kids and youth.


The funds raised through CapMan’s network provide content and meaning to young people at risk of becoming marginalised from society.

CapMan’s procurement service CaPS organised its third seminar on 11 December to fight inequality among youth. Participants in the seminar included companies in CapMan’s and CaPS’s network. The income from contributions to participate in the seminar, €153,000 in total, was donated to the Tukikummit Foundation and the CapMan for Good Foundation.

The theme of the day – “Everyone’s Future” – called for more responsible action models. Speakers at the seminar included Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic of Finland and Honorary Chair of the Tukikummit Foundation; Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Altia’s, Paulig’s and Bo Concept’s Chairwoman and Board Member of SAS, Talouselämä’s most influential Finnish businesswoman; and Björn Wahlroos, Sampo’s and UPM’s Chairman of the Board. The speeches covered diverse topics, such as the political conversation culture, international politics, the role of businesses as builders of a more sustainable future as well as responsible political decision making from a national economic standpoint.

Tukikummit – it matters that youth have a meaningful life

The Tukikumit foundation supports children and young people that are at risk of becoming marginalised due to the economic situation in their families. CaPS has together with its networks raised a total of €700 000 euro for Tukikummit since 2014. The contributions have reached approx. 10,000 Finnish kids and youth.

“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all businesses and individuals that participate in the fundraise. We are very happy that so many companies part of CapMan’s and CaPS network want to contribute to prevent young people from becoming marginalised and fight inequality,” comments Joakim Frimodig, CapMan’s CEO and the Chairman of the Board of CapMan for Good.

CapMan for Good – when you need a hand to drive change

CapMan founded the CapMan for Good Foundation in 2019 in order to support causes and activities that positively impact education, entrepreneurship, and health and well-being.

“Active ownership is one of our core values and its execution requires responsible actions. CapMan has worked as a growth partner to businesses already for 30 years. We have enabled the growth and development of companies, supported entrepreneurial visions and strengthened Nordic businesses. We know from experience that co-operation and partnerships have an immense impact in order to drive change. We wanted to create a permanent structure around this understanding where we do good together with our staff, our partners and our networks. This was the foundation for CapMan for Good,” continues Frimodig.

The purpose of CapMan for Good is to support entrepreneurship, education and other activities in order to increase well-being in disadvantaged parts of society. Through its operations, the foundation promotes the prerequisites of a healthy society. CapMan for Good is an independent organisation that supports both existing organisations and new projects.