CapMan’s Limited Partners’ Day celebrates 30 years of sustainable value creation in the Nordics

CapMan hosted our 14th Limited Partners’ Day for our fund investors in June. The day was filled with fund updates, advisory board meetings and thoughtful discussions connecting our funds’ limited partners with the investment managers.


Driving value across private markets

CapMan is focused on driving value creation in all its Nordic investment areas: Private Equity, Credit, Real Estate and Infra. In Private Equity, the tenth Buyout fund is in value creation and exit phase and the renewed team recently announced the establishment of the next fund – Buyout XI. The Growth fund and its team are the best performing in their niche in Europe. The Nest Capital 2015 Fund within CapMan Credit is almost fully invested.

The Real Estate team has continued to perform strongly in a very active market. CapMan’s value added real estate funds are performing very well compared to their peer group. The open-ended Nordic Property Income fund had a very strong first year of operations and continues investing in accordance with its strategy.

The Infra investment area has made a strong debut since its inception in 2017. In two years, the team has grown seven-strong, completed two major mandates and established its maiden fund, which has completed its first investment.

To conclude, CapMan is a Nordic private assets value builder with a comprehensive offering of attractive private asset products to investors ranging from large international institutions to small local family offices.

Sustainability as part of our DNA

A major topic for the day was sustainability and how CapMan’s investment activities contribute to solutions for our society’s most pressing issues, including climate change, social injustice and corruption. Sustainability is ingrained in the investment processes themselves. Throughout the day, the teams walked investors through tangible cases where CapMan’s approach and active ownership are visible in driving change. CapMan also hosted a panel discussion, which included participants from our investment areas as well as Limited Partner representatives. The discussion focused on the tangible value of sustainability and how it is key that it is part of the culture. Karl-Henrik Sundström, the CEO of Stora Enso, provided an inspiring keynote address on how sustainability is integrated with the business itself as the key resource – trees – are a renewable material and forests a carbon sink. From that basic premise, a future of products and processes can be developed.

This year marks a special milestone for CapMan as we celebrate 30 years of pioneering activity in the private markets. With the recent developments and CapMan is set to be stronger than ever as we head into our fourth decade.