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CapMan invests in Northlight Optronics AB, an Ericsson spin-off


Northlight Optronics is one of the leading suppliers of active fiberoptic components for optical communication systems. Its product range includes laser modules (Tx), receiver modules (Rx), integrated transponder/transmitter modules, and optical fiber amplifiers (EDFAs). Components are used in optical network equipment systems and subsystems. Northlight Optronics largest customers are network equipment system suppliers such as Lucent, Alcatel, Cisco and Siemens.

CapMan has a strong position in the Nordic private equity field and is specialised in mid-sized buy-outs and technology and life science investments. After closing its newest private equity fund CapMan Equity VII in December 2002, the total size of funds managed/advised by CapMan is EUR 1,653 million. CapMan’s remaining investment capacity is some EUR 500 million.

”CapMan has been active in companies in the optics industry such as Altitun and EM4. Based on this experience and long-term industry insight, the investment is seen as attractive despite a heavy shakeout in the worldwide optics industry,” says Lennart Jacobsson from CapMan. ”We believe Northlight Optronics is well placed to benefit from the recovery of the market, which is expected to happen in the next two to three years. The technology has a strong pedigree, and the management team has a very strong track record in the sector. This investment also proves CapMan’s ability to drive substantial technology investments in Nordic companies operating in global industries,” Jacobsson continues.

”Northlight Optronics has a world class capability in optical chip production in a very cost efficient organisation. We are well positioned to meet the recovery in demand in this sector and have substantial revenues in place,” says Keith Halsey.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Lennart Jacobsson, Head of CapMan’s Technology Business Unit, tel. +46 8 5458 5474

or +46 705 551 050